Uncover the secrets of layered shelves, making your supermarket life more convenient

The advantage of laminated shelves lies in their good flexibility and scalability, which can be flexibly adjusted according to actual needs. In addition, it also has the advantages of high reliability, durability, and easy maintenance, thus effectively improving the efficiency of supermarket operations to a certain extent. The layered shelf is mainly achieved through two parts: the bottom layer of the shelf and the top layer of the shelf. The bottom layer of the shelf is one of the most important components in the entire system, responsible for storing goods; The top shelf provides a convenient shopping environment for customers. If you are considering using a laminated shelf, then it is currently a good choice. Due to its flexibility and ease of installation and maintenance, laminated shelves are very suitable for use in large supermarkets or shopping centers. At the same time, laminated shelves can also play a role in saving space.

The principle of laminated shelves is to place goods in the middle layer, and then place sales and management personnel on both sides. This design can effectively improve warehouse management efficiency and reduce storage costs. Layered shelves are usually made of a layer of steel plate or a plastic sheet, and covered with a layer of renewable materials (such as paper). When people enter the supermarket, they will see some very special shelves – they look like a shelf that can be moved freely. These shelves are generally used for storing food or other perishable products. Layered shelves use a multi-layer composite structure to protect goods from damage. Each layer in the composite structure has unique performance to ensure that the goods are not affected by compression, collision, and fire. In addition, the composite structure can also prevent goods from being surrounded by crowds and dust pollution.

Layered shelves are a common supermarket logistics equipment that can help you reduce logistics time and costs. How to use laminated shelves? Firstly, please ensure that you have the correct laminate material model: H620-A10, H615-A6, or H714-A2. Secondly, determine the type of other parts you need to install on the shelf. Layered shelves typically contain a sturdy and durable base frame, two pallets, and other components. Finally, select an appropriate quantity of goods to place the laminates. If you plan to place a large item on a certain floor and occupy a certain amount of space, you can use three different sizes of laminated board combinations for placement. For example, when you want to place a whole row of canned goods on a wall on one floor, you may need some heavy-duty pallets.


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