This crossbeam shelf doubles the display effect of your product!


• High load capacity(500kgs to 3000kgs)

• Durable construction with sturdy materials

• Multiple shelves for ample storage space

• Adjustable shelving to accommodate various items

• Easy assembly without the need for special tools

• Compatibility with various accessories for customization

• Corrosion-resistant coating for long-lasting use

• Versatility to fit in different spaces and environments

This crossbeam shelf doubles the display effect of your product! Not only can it effectively increase product sales, but it can also provide customers with a more comfortable and convenient shopping experience.

The crossbeam shelf is a unique structure that allows products to be displayed on the wall. This type of shelf uses highly curved beams as support, allowing the shelf to withstand enormous weight and pressure. There are usually two forms of crossbeam shelves: horizontal placement and vertical placement. When placed horizontally, the shape of the shelf needs to be designed based on the items it carries; When placed vertically, there is no need to consider these factors, as long as there is sufficient space in each area.

Cross beam shelves are a special way of displaying products, which can make your products look more attractive. To choose a suitable challenger, the following points need to be considered: 1 Packaging materials. We should choose materials that are not easy to break, wear resistant, and puncture resistant as the outer packaging, so that customers can purchase with confidence. 2. Quantity. Suggest placing a maximum of 5 products or services per challenger. 3. Dimensions. Shelf specifications should be customized according to customer needs to ensure that customers can easily select. 4. Purpose. The location of use should be determined based on different product types and promotional activities, in order to better serve customers.

There are many benefits to using this crossbeam shelf, first of all, you can greatly improve the efficiency of product display. Because this shelf only has one crossbeam, it won’t take up too much space. In addition, if you are interested in certain products or other products of the same brand, you only need to purchase them in two places with different colors or shapes. Doing so also saves you time and money, while also improving your business skills. Finally, there are some minor advantages to using this crossbeam shelf. For example, because it can effectively control the quantity of items in each basket, you can effectively avoid waste caused by excessive goods.


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