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Shelf storage refers to the centralized placement of goods in a fixed location for easy transportation and storage. This warehouse usually has many shelves, shelves, or counters to store goods. Shelf storage mainly includes: shelf storage equipment; Shelf access machine; Allocation of storage space for shelf equipment; Shelf operation process; Shelf installation and dismantling; Tray exchange equipment and other related content. Shelf storage equipment mainly includes shelf lifting platforms, bottom plate support frames, drawer type packaging boxes, various types of hand carts, carts, drum type handling tools, and forklifts. The shelf access machine is mainly used for shelf entry and exit operations, generally consisting of a controller and control panel. The allocation of storage space for shelf equipment mainly considers three factors: storage capacity, warehouse size, and safety.

Shelf storage equipment is a facility used to store goods, including shelves, lockers, and storage boxes. Shelves are mainly made of sheet metal and can be divided into various types: straight shaped shelves (rectangular): commonly used for storing small products or components; Trapezoidal shelves non-standard size shelves conical shelves: suitable for storing large goods; Circular shelves: suitable for storing heavy items; Diamond shaped shelves: suitable for storing medium weight objects. Lockers typically come in three forms: drawer storage racks, open storage boxes, and tray storage baskets, which can meet different needs. Safe deposit boxes are generally of standard size and shape, making it easy to store or transport large amounts of goods.

Shelf access machine is a device designed to provide storage space for enterprises. It can help warehouse administrators automatically allocate shelf space based on customer orders and manage goods in and out through barcode recognition systems. The correct use of shelf access machines requires attention to the following points: 1 Choose a shelf storage system with appropriate specifications: different types and sizes of shelves may need to be installed in different locations; 2. Regular maintenance of the shelf system: If the shelf cannot function properly, it should be inspected and repaired; 3. Strictly follow the operating procedures: The operating rules for shelves vary in different regions, please comply with local standards.

matters needing attention

When selecting shelf storage equipment, consideration should be given to its stability, durability, and durability. It is important to use the shelf access machine correctly. If the correct method is not used for access operations, it may lead to damage or loss of goods. 3. It is necessary to ensure that the shelf storage facilities are in good condition. If the storage space of the shelves is not large enough or the surrounding environment of the shelves is not good, it will have a negative impact on the storage of the shelves. 4. Pay attention to the accuracy of label information. Because the label specifies key information such as product name, quantity, and unit price, it is necessary to carefully check whether these contents are accurate and accurate.


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