Introduction to the Storage System of Jiangsu Satong Shuttle Vehicle

The shuttle vehicle storage system is an advanced warehouse storage management mode with high storage density, convenient entry and exit, efficient access, diversified goods management, and first in, first out and first in, last out functions. The system consists of dedicated racks for shuttle cars and intelligent shuttle cars, which can be combined with automatic stacking systems to form a more integrated fully automatic storage system.

The use of the shuttle truck rack system is very convenient. Firstly, use a forklift to place the shuttle truck in the front end of the track, and then place the goods in their initial position on the track. Operate the remote control to press the automatic storage button, and the shuttle truck will transport the goods into the deep tunnel to complete the storage action. When picking up the goods, place the trolley in the initial position of the track, operate the remote control and press the automatic outbound button. The shuttle truck will transport the goods to the end of the track, and the forklift will remove them to complete the outbound action. The shuttle car can also automatically switch between A and B sides, achieving cargo storage and retrieval at both ends of the track.

The advantages of shuttle storage systems include:

*Improve shelf safety and reduce shelf damage

*Implement clustered storage of different classified warehouses

*Improve access efficiency and increase production

*Accurate loading and unloading system

*Reduce pallet unloading time

*Compatible with trays of different sizes

*Suitable for low-temperature storage

The main characteristics of shuttle cars include:

*High standard safety devices to protect the safety of goods and workers

*The tray spacing can be adjusted arbitrarily, from 40-150mm every 10mm

*Automatic loading and unloading and continuous loading and unloading

*Implement FIFO or FIFO

*Easy to operate, fast response, and smooth operation

*Suitable for operating modes up to -30 ℃ cold storage

*Customizing shuttle cars according to customer needs

*Simple repair and maintenance

*Has multiple patented functions, such as tray counting function, efficient re tallying function, etc

*High performance lithium battery, capable of charging up to 1200 times, can run continuously for 16 hours in just 5.2 hours of charging.


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