How to create a double depth shelf?

What factors need to be considered to create a dual depth shelf? Below, the editor will introduce a few key points for everyone.

1: Choose the appropriate shelf height

When selecting shelf height, it is important to consider the height and width of the goods. The heavier and larger the cargo, the higher it should be; On the contrary, it is lower. Therefore, when choosing shelf height, it needs to be determined based on the actual situation, and not all goods are suitable for high or narrow shelves. Making pallets and pillars: In order to create double depth shelves, it is first necessary to make pallets and pillars. These two components can ensure the stability of the shelf and also make the shelf more aesthetically pleasing. Placing goods: The final step is to place the goods in a suitable position to ensure that they are not damaged or dropped.

2: Making pallets and pillars

Making pallets and pillars is the key to creating dual depth shelves. Choosing the appropriate shelf height and using pallets and props correctly helps to ensure that products are neatly arranged from the shelf, avoiding gaps between goods or items falling to the ground. When placing pallets at the top of the shelf, please be careful to ensure that they are parallel to the wall. If there is not enough space to accommodate all the goods, you can try using a fork or other object as a support point to place the goods. In addition, it is also necessary to consider how to place the goods in order to make the shelves look cleaner. Placing some decorations or setting up a table under the shelf can have a certain effect. Finally, please remind everyone not to leave garbage on the shelves!

3: Placing goods

  1. In shelf design, goods placement is an important factor. Choosing the appropriate height and length to place goods can improve store efficiency and ensure that shelf positions are not contaminated. 2. Making pallets or pillars on shelves is one of the main tools for hanging goods, services, and products. Proper use of them can help reduce the risk of accidental damage. Stacking goods neatly can make it easier for stores to open and sell. Arranging items by folding or placing them in tray boxes can effectively prevent crossing and disorderly placement issues. 4. Providing a clean and hygienic environment with a good shopping environment is very beneficial for stores and can also help reduce consumption costs.


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